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Press Release << Thomas Herding Technique Education & Research Center at Pine Knoll Farm >>


Educating and Uniting People and Horses Through the Essence of Horsemanship

Peace Ponies

Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship provides educational opportunities and programs designed to support an “integrated” approach to optimum wellness and performance of both horse and human.  We are dedicated to documenting and preserving the Art of Riding and Horsemanship through our Essence of Horsemanship programs.  Our programs emphasize the importance of the “whole picture”: incorporating Emotional Conformation Profiling of the Equine Athlete, Round Pen, Groundwork, Seminars on Integrative Healthcare, Farriery, Dentistry, Nutrition, Biomechanics and Personal Performance Coaching.

We have created an environment where horses and riders will maximize their abilities and fulfill their aspirations.

Our prime location is in the middle of the Kentucky Bluegrass minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park. << facility and map & directions >>







Experience the Wonder at



Horsemanship requires skill.



There is no substitute for experience and we are fortunate to have such an "Experienced Trainer and Judge" based here at Pine Knoll Center for Integrated Horsemanship. Mr. Poulin is in great demand as a Judge and Clinician travelling to many locations, but he is committed to being at Pine Knoll on a consistant basis.

Consistency and dedication are integral to success in the Art of Dressage

This is a wonderful opportunity to have a mentor and trainer work with you on a regular basis. 

  • USEF ‘S’ judge
  • USDF ‘L’ program instructor
  • A founding member USDF
  • 40 years experience as clinician
  • FEI level rider and trainer
  • Assisted coach to Swedish Teams
  • Gifted Lecturer on numerous topics
  • 3 time winner Lufthansa Trophy for excellence at FEI


(Please see calendar for scheduled dates)





Experience is more than a great teacher, it is a great resource that enables all of us to make judgments, decisions and choices that we can trust and others can trust."


Our goal - your trust - horse’s trust = UNITY




The Essence of Horsemanship Program


Like the foundation of a building, if one step is incomplete the structure is compromised influencing everything built from the foundation up.

The same building principles apply to the relationship and training of your horse.

Whether you want to trail ride, or jump at the Olympics, there are fundamental principles to a “solid foundation”.

Our comprehensive educational programs, combined with the support of our expert clinicians/consultants, and team of integrative care professionals, provide opportunities to expand your knowledge, and build a solid base in your chosen “area” of horsemanship.


WELCOME … please join us as we explore the art of “dancing with your horse”.


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